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To reserve transportation to & from your medical appointment, you can either:

(1) Call or text us at 719-470-0227

(2) Email us at

(3) Manage your reservations on our Mobile app

a. Download the "Driven Anywhere" app

b. Set up your account

c. Company/Operator Code: 6BCC1F

(4) Complete & submit the following form



Phone No.*

Email Address

Pickup Location (Include full address)*

Date of Medical Appointment*

Time of Medical Appointment*

Name of Doctor/Facility*

Facility Address (Include full address)*

Do you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle?*

Select an option

Payment Options*

Select an option

If insurance-paid, provide the company name, your member #, and your birthdate

Special Instructions


KADOR Ground Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Policy

KADOR’s mission is to assist in their client’s healing process by promoting a stress-free environment for clients to and from their medical appointments. To ensure our clients and drivers are safe and treated with respect and dignity; we have implemented the following policies:

1. YOUR RESERVATION: Clients should contact KADOR at 719-470-0227 (call or text) or our website to make reservations for a pickup or to arrange for their return trip home. If you have to leave a message, please include your name and phone number. When reserving your transportation, we need the date and time of your appointment, name of the doctor/facility, and facility address. We will  need to know where we will pick you up from.  You will be required to present a copy of your insurance  card and state-issued id when you are picked up for your transportation. Our drivers start pickups at 8:00 am for local appointments scheduled for 9:00 am or later. Exceptions to this rule will be granted for out of town appointments or upon request.

2. YOUR PICKUP: KADOR will notify clients the evening prior to their appointment to confirm their pickup time.  Clients should be ready for your scheduled pickup time. KADOR has other clients and can only wait for clients to enter the vehicle  5 minutes after arrival. Please understand there may be circumstances beyond our control which could delay the driver. If this situation occurs, the driver will attempt to contact the client with a revised estimated time for arrival. Clients should notify KADOR of cancellations 3 hours before your scheduled pickup.

3. YOUR RETURN TRIP: In order to ensure our clients have the time required to spend with their medical provider, we do not schedule a pickup time for our clients’ return trip. Instead, when clients are done with their appointment, they should call or text 719-470-0227 (or email to arrange their return trip. The driver will arrive for the client’s return trip within 30 minutes from receiving the request. Once KADOR has confirmed that a driver is in route for your return trip, please wait 30 minutes before calling again. Clients should be ready and available during this timeframe. KADOR has other clients and can only wait 5 minutes after the driver has arrived for your return trip. Please understand there may be circumstances beyond our control which could delay the driver. If this situation occurs, the driver will make an attempt to contact the client with a revised estimated time for arrival.

4. YOUR SAFETY: We require our clients to take the following safety measures:

  • All clients are required to wear their seatbelts.
  • Clients are welcome to use their phones during transport; however, to minimize distractions to our drivers and ensure the safety of our clients, please do not use your phone in the speaker mode while in the vehicle.
  • Minimize any activities or conversations that will be distracting to the driver.
  • Comply with all the driver’s instructions.

5. YOUR ENVIRONMENT: To maintain a pleasant environment our clients should:

  • Remove all of their trash and debris from the vehicle
  • Be respectful and treat others the way you would want to be treated


  • Is professional and respectful
  • Does not accept tips or gifts


To protect our clients and drivers,  KADOR will not schedule transportation pickup prior to 8:00 am. During inclement weather, KADOR will follow school district 11 (D11) delay and closure guidelines. If D11 has a two hour delay, KADOR will start pickups at 10:00 am. If D11 is closed, KADOR will not be providing transportation until D11 resumes operations. If D11 closes early, KADOR will not provide transportation pickup after the designated time unless there are clients who need to return home from an appointment we took them to earlier that day. KADOR will use discretion when providing transportation outside the Colorado Springs city limits. Our priority is safety, and we will keep you informed of any delays and closures. Let us know if you have questions.

KADOR requires drivers to treat every client with respect and dignity and KADOR expects clients to treat their drivers the same. If you have a compliment, complaint, or concern, please contact our management team at 719-470-0227 or Thank you and we appreciate your business.

Any violation of these policies will be grounds for removal for KADOR’s services.

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